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EOS 2004
Mile ET: 12.2 secs
112.74 mph
0-60 = 3.08 secs

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Event Reports 2005
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Event Reports 2004
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Hector's Autograph

Nostalgia Drag Racing with Team Hector and a Possessed Slingshot

And lo, the Demon Trespasser did smite Team Hector with fire and sharp metal, saying, "Thou hast tried to meddle with my heart and so must suffer...
...From this day forth not one bolt will be of the correct size, nor any required width the correct value. A thousand days shalt thou slave and further, when thine morale be at its highest and a race loomest, then shall I cause a catastrophic cam belt failure which will stuffest thine inlet valves and require the expenditure of funds that thou hadst reserved for alcohol and recreational drugs." And so it was...
Follow the links on this page to learn more about TRESPASSER's origins and adventures.

Then: An early outing at York.

Love that crazy pipework. Some of the exhaust gasses are still trying to get out to this day. Gallery

Original Build info' - Pre-Hector Results and Wins - Demons
Measure Twice - And Again - Aaarrgh! - Nearly - It Lives
And Then - Yes I Did Tighten It! - And Then (again)

Now: Trespasser 2005 Style

Wild Bunch Slingshot WB80 - "Trespasser". True to the spirit of the original, we use Gaffa tape and cable ties wherever possible. Gallery

Current Spec'


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